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    biodiesel reactor

    Globecore biodisel reactors

    GlobeCore engineers developed entirely new process of continuous biodiesel production that is completely different from cyclic batch production. The production capacity of the system is from 1000 l/h (265 gph) to 16000 l/h (4227 gph) and even more. GlobeCore Biodiesel reactor is intended for transesterification of vegetable oil or animal fat, (other oils and fats) by high-disperse mixing with the catalyst and further dry cleaning of the BIODIESEL to compliance to the European EN 14214 standards and the American ASTM standards.In the production of biodiesel our company uses the principle of hydrodynamic ultrasonic high frequency controlled cavitation.

    Our system is designed for specialized biodiesel production facilities, as well as for oil refineries, food processing facilities or farms. Let’s turn wastes into profits. Used cooking oil or waste frying oil can be converted into biodiesel with GlobeCore’s reactors during the couple of minutes. The GlobeCore Biodiesel Technology Key advantage is the versatility of application. It can be used as for construction of new “ turnkey” plant and modernization of existing old type “batch process” plants. Such “batch” plants we can easily upgrade by implementing GlobeCore Biodiesel reactor. That process does not require significant investments. You are welcome to provide us the schema of your existing “batch” process and we will offer you the new biodiesel plant with GlobeCore reactors inside for free of charges.

    This hydrodynamic technology offers significant advantages compared to competing systems both in terms
    product quality and production rate.
    Traditional biodiesel production GlobeCore biodiesel production
    (1) require heating the oil to 70°С.
    As a result - significant energy input;
    does not require any of the left column
    Instead of those:
    (2) recuperation of excess methanol, (1) reducing the power costs by tens of times
    (3) additional transesterification (2) no high process temperatures
    (4) vacuum drying (3) no need for expensive portioning pumps, as the ejector pulls in the required amount of components.
    (5) water wash (4) transesterification reaction during fraction of seconds
    All of those add to the power bill (5) no need for large space for Biodiesel Plant

    Biodiesel reactor processing characteristics

    Parameter Value
    1. Primary liquid capacity, m3/hour, max 6,5
    2. Quantity of dosed liquid, m3/hour
    -1st component, min 5*
    -2nd component, max 150*
    -3rd component, min 5*
    -4th component, max 150*
    3. Nominal power, kW 60
    4. Blender volume, m3 0,05
    5. Compressed air consumption, l/min 120
    6. Mix head, meters 20
    7. Dimensions, mm, max
    - length 3700
    - width 650
    - height 1800
    8. Weight, kg, max 885
    * mentioned parameters can be different, we are always comply to client’s requirements

    B100 American ASTM standard

    This table shows selected requirements for B100, 100% biodiesel. The full standard can be purchased from ASTM International.

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      Globecore technology advantages:

      Continuous biodiesel production process
      Instant reaction of transesterification
      No drying and demetanolization of biodiesel
      no double methanol concentrations and methanol excess
      No water wash
      No toxic waste