Biodiesel and You

Alternative fuels can seem a bit too weird or Hollywood for some people. The idea of using a fuel source that is all natural and not petroleum based can seem almost risky. Some past alternative fuel sources have left much to be desired. However, biodiesel fuel is an alternative that is considered by many to be the alternative fuel of the future.

Biodiesel is a clean burning fuel that is made from renewable resources. What this means is that unlike petroleum based fuels, biodiesel fuel does not pollute the air nor come from resources that can be depleted. In fact, biodiesel does not even require major processing and can be made by you, at home.

Biodiesel fuel is made from vegetable oil, alcohol and lye. These are all renewable resources that you can use to fuel your vehicle.

The alternative fuels of the past were not practical. The vegetable oil alternative fuels that had been tried required special engines or modified engines in order to be used. For the average person this was not an efficient nor reasonable idea. Biodiesel can be used in a regular diesel engine without such modifications. This means any type of diesel engine from your vehicle to farm equipment.

Biodiesel costs about 70 cents per gallon. That is a far cry from the cost of petroleum based fuels and a good reason why biodiesel is starting to catch on as an alternative fuel source. There are a few gas stations that offer biodiesel, but the main ways to get it are from the manufacturer or to make it at home. However, the demand for biodiesel is causing more and more stations to supply it.

The process of making biodiesel is not very difficult. The ingredients used can be found at a hardware store and the equipment is basic kitchen tools. Biodiesel is made by mixing lye with antifreeze which causes the formation of sodium methoxide. When sodium methoxide and vegetable oil are mixed it creates glycerin and biodiesel. By separating the glycerin and biodiesel an alternative fuel is born.

The glycerin is not just a byproduct. It is useful, as well. Glycerin is a main ingredient in soap. So, the process of making biodiesel does not produce any harmful or useless byproducts such as traditional fuels do.

Biodiesel is a major breakthough in alternative fuel. It is useful, efficient and clean. It does not produce harmful chemicals that are released not the air and harm the environment, which can not be said of traditional fuels. It is easy to make and use, which can not be said of any other fuel, traditional or alternative.

Biodiesel is an amazing discovery that can really revolutionize how people think about fuel and make them less dependent upon harmful and costly petroleum based fuels.

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