BIODIESEL equipment, also known as BIODIESEL plants, designed and manufactured under GlobeCore trade mark, outdoes other BIODIESEL processors and reactors using traditional method.

Our BIODIESEL equipment complies with all international norms and standards. BIODIESEL, produced at our BIODIESEL equipment complies with ASTM and EN 14214 standards.

BIODIESEL equipment is fully atomized and ex-proof performed.

Interesterification takes place instantly, in a flow.

Our hydrodynamic accelerator was designed to reduce standard period of time needed for interesterification and cut down interesterification process duration from several minutes to less then one second – exactly how much time is necessary to produce quality BIODIESEL at our BIODIESEL equipment.

UBD-8 biodiesel unit
(8000 liter per hour capacity)

 Primary specification of the system

Pre-filtered oil goes to the stream oil heater and its temperature is increased to the required level. Hot oil flows to the biodiesel reactor section. Alkali solution and methanol are also directed to the reactor. After hydrodynamic mixing of oil, catalyst (KOH) and methanol solution, crude biodiesel (a mix of biodiesel, glycerin and non-reacted) methanol is obtained.

 UBD-16 biodiesel unit

(16000 liter per hour capacity)

  Primary specification of the system

The biodiesel production system consists of the following sections:

  • stream oil heater
  • biodiesel reactor
  • settlement and output section
  • methanol recovery section
  • purification and filtration section
 UBD-12 biodiesel unit

(12000 liter per hour capacity)

Primary specification of the system

The crude biodiesel is directed to the settling tanks, where water and glycerin phase are separated.

The remaining biodiesel goes through the output unit to methanol recovery section, where it is dried in vacuum.

Final polishing of the biodiesel takes place in the purification and filtration section. Residual methanol is captured as the biodiesel flows through resin exchange columns. Solid contaminants are removed by filtering system.

Purified biodiesel is ready for consumption.

Universal scope of application and advantages of the equipment

 UBD-4 biodiesel unit

(4000 liter per hour capacity)

 Primary specification of the system

The heater consists of three paired vessels connected consecutively, mounted on a welded frame, a centrifugal pump, automation system and piping. Each vessel contains heater block of 6 tubular electric heaters.

The oil is fed by the centrifugal pump via the mesh filter to the vessels where it is heated to the required temperature, controlled by a temperature sensor located at the output of the heater. The automation system turns the heaters on when temperature falls below lower threshold and off when the temperature exceeds the upper limit.




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