BioDiesel equipment (biodiesel reactor)

Biodiesel plant of equipment (biodiesel reactor) for the new generation on the basis of hydrodynamic cavitation turbulizer.

Biodiesel plant of equipment outdoes all its analogies because interesterification reaction in a flow lasts less than a second.

Biodiesel plant of equipment (biodiesel reactor) is equipped with high accurate flow meters supplying components with a high accuracy according to the stoichiometric calculations as well as allowing to change the dosage (on-line).

Biodiesel plant of equipment (biodiesel reactor) produces biodiesel from any type of oil (palm oil, canola oil, soybean oil, coconut oil, sunflower oil, jatropha oil, cooking oil, sunflower oil) as well as yellow grease and tallow (animal fat), preserving qualitative variable stability of received biodiesel.

The following expensive and power-consuming technological processes are not used in ou biodiesel equipment:

  • extra methanol recuperation;
  • primary biodiesel washing;
  • finished product vacuum dehydration

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Biodiesel Plant in Europe

GlobeCore is an internationally registered trademark of biodiesel plant GlobeCore GmbH

GlobeCore, is one of the leaders in the field of development and production of Continuous Biodiesel Systems for biodiesel industry, utilizing the most innovative technologies and energy saving solutions.

All biodiesel equipment manufactured on our biodiesel plant is patented and certified, including ISO certification for the production of Continuous Blending Systems.

All biodiesel equipment is covered with an 18 month warranty and up to a 3 year warranty for all components manufactured by GlobeCore GmbH.

Our biodiesel equipment plant employes over 150 highly qualified personnel, of whom 20 are process and technology designers for BioDiesel.

GlobeCore Biodiesel Plant

GlobeCore Biodiesel Plants (USB Blending systems) are designed to blend up two to five separate biofuel components, particularly low-bracket gasoline with additives, to prepare multi-component blending motor fuel including vegetable additives.

The system can be used at enterprises of oil-refining and food industry likewise at petrol stations as biodiesel B5 blender.

It is designed to be operated indoors as well as outdoors under a shelter.

System design allows operating at new enterprises under construction as well as at operating ones.

Modern hydrodynamic (stream) blending plants have shown themselves in industrial operation as economic, accurate and steady means for high-quality motor fuel production with optimal prime cost. In comparison with existing technology of components blending at blending vessels, reached economy and increasing of production profitability can force investment return up to 60 % for a year and provide project payback for one year or less.



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